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Video: Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck Pain? Headaches? Both? There’s something that can be done.


 We’re all bound to experience neck pain or headaches at some point in our life. Sometimes we’re more lucky than others and get both at the same time. While they don’t always occur simultaneously, they may often be related one way or another. In any case, the important thing to do it determine WHY you’re experiencing the pain and then work on correcting the cause.

You can always treat the symptoms by simply taking a pill, but why not address what’s starting the problem in the first place? If you’re only ever treating the symptoms, will you ever truly find neck pain relief? Perhaps the cause has to do with your posture? Hunched in front of a computer or phone for hours a day does have it’s consequences. Maybe your daily water intake is abysmal. Sure, soda and coffee have water in them, but that doesn’t help when there’s so many other chemicals at play. Chronic levels of high stress may even be a contributing factor. Consistently high levels of cortisol (your stress hormone) has effects on your musculoskeletal system (ever wonder why you get all those knots in your muscles when you’re stressed?).

Whatever the cause may be, we’ll team up together and work on implementing a solution. Healthcare is most successful when we’re working together. Give us a call and see how we may help you!