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Who is Dr. Kubo? A Mesquite raised chiropractor that strives to build trust and deliver quality health care.


Mesquite Chiropractor - Dr. Kubo

Dr. Andrew Kubosumi, DC is a chiropractor in Mesquite, TX who is ready to help you achieve your health related goals. He was born and raised a Texan. Though he went to undergrad in Utah and was married in Illinois, Texas was always home. He completed his graduate studies at Parker University where he graduated with honors. In practice he focuses on more than just pain. Function is what really matters. His goal is to help you live life to the fullest and enjoy the various activities that you find value in. When the body functions the way it's supposed to, we’re able to enjoy a higher quality of life. 

Key points in practice:

  • Every patient and condition is different, therefore not every patient should receive the same clinical treatment.

  • Communication is key. Everyone gets reasonable one on one time with the doctor. During that time you have complete attention.

  • Function carries the most value despite pain being the most common reason that brings people in. Of course we’ll help you get out of pain, but we’ll also help you correct why you started getting the pain in the first place.

At home Dr. Kubo is a father, husband, wrestler, dragon, king, horsey, dinosaur, and so much more to his wife and three beautiful children. Though balancing a professional career and a home life can often be difficult, Dr. Kubo always finds time to make memories with his family. Family is what he values.